Disobeying any of the server rules may result in punishments ranging from being kicked to an outright ban.

         Modded Clients, or any form of hacking is prohibited on this server. Players caught performing any form of this will be immediately jailed and/or banned. Examples of such illicit activities include, but are not limited to Aimbot, Fly, Auto-Crit, and other various forms of hacking. However, modded clients that do not provide players advantages over others are acceptable, such as Optifine.

         Do not spam. Players caught spamming may be punished by being kicked from the server, or muted and even banned if necessary. Spam is not limited to repeating messages, where it may also stand for S(tupid) P(ointless) A(nnoying) M(essages). Examples of such spam includes using excessive caps, or excessively filling chat.

         Be respectful to other players. When playing, be mindful of other players, where inappropriate behavior such as repeatedly insulting other players is prohibited. Consistently exhibiting inappropriate behavior may result in being kicked, muted, or even banned if the inappropriate behavior does not stop.

         Do not advertise. Advertising is not limited to just Minecraft Servers, where explicitly telling others to visit a website, or other similar items also fall under this rule. HOWEVER, mentioning other servers and/or companies is acceptable, as long as one does not explicitly advertise. Advertising may result in being kicked from the server, or even muted and/or banned if the player excessively advertises.

         Do not "beg". Actions such as asking for an influx of currency, OP, ranks, and other similar items fall under begging. If done excessively, the player may be kicked, muted, or even banned if the begging begins repeatedly continues.

         Do not excessively use foul language. Foul language may include, but is not limited to excessive usage of profanity, racial, and sexual slurs. Do note that profanity is allowed in moderation, although more severe language and/or excessive usage will carry consequences, with such consequences including being kicked, muted, or even banned if the inappropriate behavior continues.

         Do not exploit any bugs or glitches. Any glitches or bugs discovered should be reported immediately on places such as Discord or the Server Forums. Players caught abusing any bugs or exploits may be jailed, or even banned if excessively abused.

         Do not team in specific minigames. Some minigames, namely solo-based ones discourage teaming, as it may provide them unfair advantages, or deter them from the objective of the game. If caught teaming, players may be jailed or even banned if they continue to team. However, if everyone playing said minigame agree that they should team, then that is allowed.

         If you believe you were unjustly punished, you may appeal on the server discord. When creating an appeal, be sure to properly convey why your appeal should be accepted, as your reasons are taken into account when reviewing one's appeal.