Sam Staff Application (reupload)

Sorry, I made it so only admins could see the last one so I couldn't see the feedback that you gave me.

Sam Staff Application

My ingame name:

My timezone:
US Central time
(noon for me is 7 in France)

My languages:
I know English and Latin, I am learning spainish in school.

Why I should be staff:
I have always wanted to have a server of my own and attempted making one with my friends many times. Sadly I could never get one with enough players to keep it running. I have learned a lot of useful information that would help me be a good staff member. I like this server way more then another servers.
I have many ideas to implement on the server including making tournaments for mini games, A find the button mini game, A way for players to pick the map they want to play. I know you have also had some of these ideas so I will not start to do anything to the server before running it through you.
I have met and made friends with many people on the server. I work really well with other people on projects and I am always happy to give help to other people on the server.
I'm responsible in all situations. I'm reliable and extremely fair with administered punishments. I understand there's a time to joke, and a time to work. I stay focused on tasks that need to get done and finish assignments quickly and correctly.
I have experience with redstone and command blocks. I know the basics of how most servers work.
I respect you and all other staff and builders. I know how hard it is to run a server and I respect you a lot. I respect your builders because I can’t build. I have amazing ideas and respect all the minigames you put in the server. Before I start anything or think about anything I will tell you and other staff.

What hours I can I be active everyday:
I can be on 4 hours on weekends and summer and on 1-2 hours a school day.